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About Conventions!

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Booster Entertainment puts on the BEST conventions, concentrating on offering stars and fans a relaxed, fun-filled experience. The attendance of the conventions is limited, with large guest lists, which means you get to actually mingle and socialize with the guests in a relaxed and fun environment!

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This convention includes a weekend with:
Elizabeth Rohm- Angel, Law & Order
Andy Hallett- Angel
Matt James- Angel
Camden Toy- Angel, Buffy
Jack Donner- Buffy, Roswell, Classic Trek, Enterprise, Stigmata
Spice Williams- Buffy, Angel, Mission Impossible III
Charles Cyphers- Buffy, Halloween I & II, The Fog, Escape From New York, Assault on Precinct 13
Kelly Donovan - the other Xander from "The Replacement".

And don't forget to check out the message board. Fill out a free profile to meet all kinds of fellow fans and sign up to receive event notifications!
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